Rich Rotoye Farms


Rich Rotoye Farms

Rich Rotoye Farms is a farm fresh estate in Efon-Alaye, Ekiti State West of Nigeria. Covering over 100 acres of farm land. Our specialty crops are grown, processed and marketed under one entity, Rich Rotoye Farms, ensuring the finest quality of fruits and vegetables every step of the way (from our trees to your hearts). As people are becoming increasingly interested about where their food comes from and how it was grown, Local Agriculture produce is becoming a popular alternative for getting high quality food from a trusted local farm; Rich Rotoye Farms will bring farm Fresh produce To You. By joining our Food Alternative Programme; families are connecting directly to our farm, and are receiving regular deliveries of rich nutrient, mouth watering, and 100% organic produce delivered directly to their home or office or Hotel and Market. Weare continually charmed by the delicious farm fresh fruits andvegetables andtruly enjoy the challenge to reach our customer before the next one arrives.

Customer Friendly, Flexible, Convenient

We aspire to provide our customers with consistently superior quality, food safety and service by holding ourselves to standards far beyond our direct competition. We strive for environmental sustainability in our processes, technologies and packages by conserving energy, water and other resources. We are proud to grow and process healthy products for healthier lives. And every day, we try to make them better. We have several services to choose from which helps fit your individual needs. We also work with neighbouring farmers to ensure year round variety of fruits and vegetable.

Contact Address: Rotoye Farm 1A, Ajimoge Estate, Oniyo, Efon-Alaye, Ekiti State.

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